Screen Saver for Mac

Back in the day of CRT monitors, you needed a screen saver to keep a static image from burning in. With LCDs you don't need to save your screen, but now you can savor it! The Our-Comeback Screen Savor will randomly show you 114 Our-Comeback Points in a colorful and dynamic display.


You'll download a zip file with images showing 114 Our-Comeback Points. You can place them anywhere you want on your Mac’s hard drive and just tell your screensaver where they are.


The Our-Comeback Screen Savor is optimized for the Vintage Prints screensaver module that has been on Macs since OS 10.9 (Mavericks) in 2013. The video above shows the Vintage Prints option in a 60-second demo. You will control has fast or slow you want the images to change. [How do I find which MacOS I have?]


You also have an installation instruction video here.


Don't waste all that good display space. Put it to good use. Score your points!